OST to PST Conversion

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MS Outlook provides a platform to communicate within organizations. The Users can retrieve entire data which include emails, attachments, drafts, notes, contacts, journals, calendars, tasks, appointments, etc. in offline mode or in the environment where Internet connectivity is limited. It is all possible with the OST file as it allows users to access mailbox items without an Internet connection. Furthermore, you can also make any changes in OST file in the absence of the Internet, and it gets synchronized with the Exchange Server when the Internet connection is resumed.

When and how to convert OST file to PST?
Nowadays, there are many people wish to convert OST file to PST, but most of the people have the doubt, as when and how a person can convert OST file to PST. However, there are many occasions when you wish to convert OST file to PST. Few of them are listed below.

User’s mailbox is deleted from Exchange Server – If your mailbox is deleted from Exchange Server due to virus attacks, dirty shutdown, malicious attacks, abnormal termination, software related problems, etc. and after a certain period you feel the need to have the emails in that deleted mailbox back, then you can make use of OST file. If you have the OST file with you, then you can easily convert OST file to PST file and access the data with MS Outlook. Consider a situation when you have to travel abroad, and you carry your OST file with you, but Exchange Server is not available to you. Then you would surely feel the need to convert OST to PST to get access to all the email items in it.
Exchange database file is damaged – Due to the frequent use of Exchange database, the file might get corrupt, and in every such situation of corruption, OST file can act to be the safest bet for fetching your essential mailbox items back. You just need to convert OST file to PST and access the crucial data with MS Outlook.
Abrupt Exchange Server crash – The only drawback with OST file is that you cannot access emails and other items stored in it directly with the help of MS Outlook. To do so, you must have Exchange environment to access emails and other things from OST file. If in case of Exchange Server crashes, then you have to convert entire OST files to PST for quick access.
Damage caused to OST file after reaching an absolute size limit – The previous versions of OST and PST files of MS Outlook had a threshold limit of 2 GB for data storage. If not much care is taken of such situations, the OST file gets damaged. Therefore, it is always suggested to convert OST to PST so that you can access your emails through MS Outlook.

The Conclusion: Though, all the situations mentioned above might have faced by many users across the globe or even dealing with on a daily basis. So, to overcome such challenges, one needs to convert OST to PST to save the essential data.

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